All of Shreveport and the region has been abuzz about the big show planned for Thursday May 25 at Mudbug Madness. It's been billed as a Shreve Square Rewind Show. This big night was set to feature the Crawdads, the Boomers, A-Train and many other acts.

Mudbug Madness
Mudbug Madness

But one of these groups that brings us back to the great memories of the 80's won't be playing after all. The planned A-Train show at Mudbug Madness this year has been cancelled.

A Train is one of the greatest groups to come from right here in Shreveport Bossier.

The “Shreve Square in the 80’s Rewind Show” will still include the Crawdads and the Boomers, but no A-Train. Seems there was some problem with the contract that the two parties could not work out. KEEL News caught up Terri Mathews with Mudbug Madness who tells us "there is no one more disappointed to not have A-Train than we are. This was our idea and we have been promoting this for quite awhile. But we learned A-Train booked a private reunion performance 4 days prior to the Mudbug show." Mathews says that show "negated our efforts to have a reunion show."

Mathews sent us this statement:

Mudbug Madness is 39 years strong and a vibrant part of the community. We give back to other community projects and events including mounted patrol, holiday downtown lighting, and new upcoming festivals and events.

A-Train has performed all over the region including this performance from 2010:

A brief message on social media says “we have been cancelled.”

Lots of folks were looking forward to a reunion of “A” Train including legendary singer Miki Honeycutt, but something happened and the group will not be taking the stage on Thursday night May 25 as planned.

Here Are More Videos of A-Train at the World's Fair in New Orleans in 1984:

Live at the World’s Fair 1984

Fans are posting messages on Facebook asking questions about what happened. But very little information has been released.

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