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We've successfully made it past 'Blue Monday' already this year in Louisiana, but that's apparently not our 'most miserable' day of the year... and that day is just days away!

Sure, rain grows flowers, but we just got finished with 'Blue Monday' last week complete with an ice storm on January 15th. And now we're dealing with flooding and finding out we have another 'bad' day to look forward to here in Louisiana. What gives?!?!

What is Louisiana's 'most miserable' day of the year?

The impetus behind 'Blue Monday' is that it's three weeks into the new year, and we've most likely failed at a New Year's resolution or two, we're coming down from the Christmas holiday high, we're dealing with generally gloomy weather and the credit card bills from the holidays are coming due. So when EXVid.com released their research based on 3,000 respondents, I was surprised to find out that February 1st is actually the most miserable day of the year for Louisiana, not 'Blue Monday.' 

According to their findings, February 1st is the day in Louisiana that is generally the rainiest and coldest... and that's based on 36 years of research.  At least February 1st is on a Thursday this year so we have that going for us... I mean, at least it isn't a Monday. Does anyone else want to go ahead and put in for the day off and hold down the couch with me? Maybe we can order some Chinese and finish Netflix?

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