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  • Miller Lite, Coors Light, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Yuengling, and Topo Chico brands could be affected.
  • Contract talks stall.
  • A strike has been authorized by the Teamsters Union.

Contract negotiations in Ft. Worth, Texas got underway in the fall of 2023 between union workers and Molson Coors over a new contract. The Teamsters are seeking a pay increase, better retirement benefits, and improved health care. As contract talks have taken place, they have recently stalled out and now local union members have authorized a strike at the brewery.


The facility affected by the proposed strike is located in Ft. Worth and it serves as a packaging facility for the company's beer and hard-seltzer brands. Molson Coors Chief Communications Officer Adam Collins tells WFAA, if the strike takes place, the company has

a strong contingency plan, which includes five other breweries with extra capacity across the U.S., and we are well prepared to continue operations in any scenario."

The Teamsters Union feels the company could do more to accommodate their contract requests. Teamsters 997 Secretary-Treasurer Rick Miedema told Fox 4 News while watching Super Bowl LVIII Sunday,

It hurts the membership. The employees see a 30-second Coors Light ad for $7 million and that’s double or more of the package we had on the table to get the contract settled."

If members go through and strike, the company says they have a contingency plan in place, and the products being affected would be produced and packaged at one of the company's other five production facilities.

Contract talks could resume anytime with a goal of a new mutual contract between the two parties.

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