During LSU's Sunday night basketball game against Northwestern State, a controversial incident involving Coach Kim Mulkey was captured on video. The footage, recorded by students, shows player Angel Reese trying to restrain Mulkey following a heated interaction with a game official. This event unfolded at the Pete Maravich Assembly Center, as the Tigers held a significant lead in the fourth quarter.

The controversy erupted over a charging foul called on LSU player Aneesah Morrow. Coach Mulkey, visibly upset by the decision, was seen being calmed by Reese and other team members. At one point, Reese appears to look toward Mulkey's son, Kramer, in the audience, possibly seeking his help.

Despite the commotion, LSU triumphed over Northwestern State with a commanding score of 81 to 36. Post-game comments revealed a light-hearted mood among the team members. Angel Reese commented on the incident, noting her and Mulkey's shared competitive nature.

“We really like to win no matter the score. Of course, she’s gonna fight for us, and we all fight for her. That moment was fun, and we knew we had her back and she had our back,” said Reese.

In her post-game media address, Coach Mulkey humorously referred to the incident, saying, “Who knew you’d get an ovation for getting tossed.”

The occurrence wasn't LSU's proudest moment, but it did highlight the team's solidarity at a time where many have questioned whether or not the ladies were as tight-knit as they were last season during their championship run.

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