Friday morning, just before 8 AM, students and administrators on Tulane University School of Medicine's Campus in New Orleans, Louisiana, were alerted that the Hutchingson Building was "shut down until further notice and until an all-clear notice was given."

According to KLFY, following that alert, faculty and students received information from a post made by authorities saying that while there is no active threat, they still want everyone to remain clear of the university.

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At this time, the 9th floor of the building is still closed due to an unfortunate incident that occurred.

Tulane University's Associate Vice President released a statement depicting the details and the potential consciences. An animal Care Tech shot himself on the 9th floor of the Hutchinson Building on Campus. In the statement, they say that "there is no ongoing threat at this time."

The New Orleans Police Department believes the shooting was "self-inflicted," and the man is now in critical condition. While they are still uncertain because the investigation is ongoing, officials also mentioned that he could face charges for the incident.

At approximately 7:50 a.m. today, April 19, 2024, an Animal Care Technician employed by Tulane University shot himself inside the Hutchinson Memorial Building (School of Medicine) 1430 Tulane Ave., on Tulane’s downtown campus. The employee is being treated at University Medical Center. We are still gathering information on this incident. There is no ongoing threat at this time. Hutchinson Building reopened at 9 a.m. Resources are available to any Tulane community member affected by this deeply troubling incident. Students seeking help can call 504-920-9900. Employees can call 1-800-624-5544

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