To try and definitively pinpoint what restaurant has the best gumbo in Louisiana is...almost an impossible task.

However, when the question is asked where to find the best bowl and certain restaurants keep coming up over and over, there's certainly something delicious going on.


Best Gumbo In Louisiana

Before we go any further, let's go ahead and establish the fact that obviously, the best gumbo you're going to find anywhere is your house.

That's what makes crowning "Best Gumbo in Louisiana" such a slippery slope.

We all have our personal preferences, likes and dislikes when it comes to what we love about gumbo.

Some people love a thinner, more "brothy" type gumbo, while some people enjoy a darker, thicker style roux for their gumbo.

And, yes, some people like okra and tomatoes in their gumbo.

Then of course you've got different kinds of gumbo, like chicken and sausage and seafood gumbo, each with their own set of unwritten "rules".

K-Paul's Louisiana Kitchen
K-Paul's Louisiana Kitchen

Taking into account all of these complicated angles and opinions about what makes a great gumbo, there are a few restaurants around the State that people have voted to have "The Best Gumbo in Louisiana".

From -

"Gumbo is a staple of the south and we treat it as such. Every region of Louisiana has something different to offer with their gumbo flavor, roux, and ingredients.

We asked Pelican team members to search for the best gumbo in their communities and they delivered! Make sure to stop by these local spots when you’re wanting something that feels like home."

Gumbo (Photo by Mike Soileau TSM)
Gumbo (Photo by Mike Soileau TSM)

The folks over at also asked readers on social media to chime in on where to find the best gumbo in Louisiana.

Below are some of the restaurants voted to be serving up "The Best Gumbo in Louisiana".

Brady’s in Hammond, Louisiana - 110 SW Railroad Ave.

From Jessica, Hammond Member Service Representative -

"I tasted their gumbo and let me say, I am so glad I did. I ordered the chicken and andouille gumbo.

Right away I was blown away by the delicious smell. There is a smoky flavor from the sausage along with a beautiful dark roux and the perfect amount of spice."

Brady's Hammond, Louisiana
Google Maps

The Galvez Seafood Company in Prairieville, Louisiana - LA 42.

Danielle, Greater Baton Rouge Business Development Representative -

"They offer both seafood gumbo and chicken and sausage gumbo.

The gumbo had a dark roux and was full of seafood and flavor."

The Galvez Seafood Company in Prairieville
Google Maps

Lee’s Cajun Cuisine in Opelousas, Louisiana - 372 Country Ridge Rd.

From Edward, St. Landry Branch Teller -

"I always order a large bowl of their chicken and sausage gumbo before heading home.

They serve it dark, well-seasoned, and loaded with meat! The dish comes fresh with white rice and toasted French bread, but I also tend to get a side of house-made potato salad to complete the meal."

Lee’s Cajun Cuisine in Opelousas
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Seafood Palace in Lake Charles, Louisiana - 2218 Enterprise Blvd.

From Ashley, Southwest LA Business Development Representative -

"If you are like me and love a dark roux, Seafood Palace’s seafood gumbo is for you! The flavor, the consistency, and the fresh seafood are unmatched, unless you are comparing it to my ma maw’s (you know family always comes first).

If seafood isn’t for you, try their chicken and sausage gumbo! It is just as amazing."

Seafood Palace in Lake Charles
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Lagniappe Zachary in Zachary, Louisiana - 5755 Main Street.

From Chaselan, Greater Baton Rouge Business Development Representative -

"They offer a seafood gumbo on the menu that can be ordered every day. This gumbo is made with the holy trinity, and you experience the seasoning in every bite!

This gumbo is unique because it has okra in it, which is rare when you are buying gumbo from a restaurant. It reminds me so much of my mom’s gumbo because she puts okra in hers."

lagniappe in zachary louisiana
Google Maps

You can

Aside from the above choices for "Best Gumbo in Louisiana", we wanted to look a little further and found another great list from

Their list offered some more great choices from their Top 10 list.

1. Curio - New Orleans, Louisiana

2. Kajun Twist - Galliano, Louisiana

3. Cher Amie's Seafood Restaurant - Cut Off, Louisiana

4. Eliza Restaurant & Bar - Baton Rouge, Louisiana

5. Gris-Gris - New Orleans, Louisiana

The number one spot from goes to Hambone in Mandeville, Louisiana.

From -

"The Hambone Gumbo, found on the Small Plates menu of this Mandeville restaurant, serves their variation of the classic Louisiana dish with gulf shrimp, ham hocks, collards and a pickled okra potato salad."

See the rest of their "Best Gumbo" list at

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