We're right at a month from Halloween, and Michael Myers is already in the news.  Unfortunately, I 'm not talking about the huge guy in a William Shatner mask that terrorized the town of Haddonfield and his sister Laurie (portrayed by Jamie Lee Curtis) in the Halloween movie series.

This all-too-real murder case is centered around an attempted robbery in Dallas late last week at James Michael Myers house.  According to CBS DFW, the 72-year old man was awakened at around 5 am on Thursday morning by the sounds of a burglar trying to break in to his garage with a pickax.

Allegedly, the Dallas resident grabbed his gun and headed outside.  Myers claims he yelled at the stranger to stop or he would shoot.  According to the arrest affidavit, he said that the unknown robber charged him.  Myers told police that he fired his weapon once at the attacker, and the assailant dropped his pickax and fled in the direction of a nearby park behind Myers house.  James claims that he fired a second shot "into the night" in the direction the robber ran, then went back to bed.

It would be a full 2 hours before Myers would wake up, and that's when he decided to find out what happened after he discharged his weapon.  Reportedly, he would find the attacker dead from his wounds in the park.  When he returned home, his wife allegedly called a lawyer for legal advice before James would call 911 to report the attack and that medical assistance was required.

Investigators would determine that the man in the park was killed by a gunshot wound to the back of the neck, he was pronounced dead at the scene.  Homicide detectives arrested Myers after the preliminary investigation.  He is being charged with murder, and is currently being held on a $150,000 bond.

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