Jefferson, Texas is not only a great place to track down great antiques but it's also a great place to investigate ghosts and hauntings. This Saturday get ready for the History Haunts and Legends Paranormal Conference at the Jefferson Convention and Visitor Center.

It all starts at 8AM Saturday morning with registration. Then starting 9:30AM there will be special guest speakers all throughout the day. For an extra charge April Roane the renowned psychic medium will take the stage for a limited audience. Then, in the evening get ready for some haunting investigations with a paranormal team.

Some of the guest speakers and what they will talk about are:

Dr. Rita Louise  Trauma Dissociation and Attached Entities

Greg Lawson Charatans featuring Norman Baker and the Crescent Hotel

Lisa Hale Dobbleganger or Not? Case by Case

Jeromy Jones the new owner of The Jefferson Hotel

Brian Clune Haunted Hollywood Studios

John Cappello Six Ways to Connect With Spirits 

Ticket package prices per person are:

Tickets are $35 for Day only events. $75 for the nighttime investigations. VIP day/night pass to all events $100.

There is an additional $40 charge for the optional special Gallery event with April Roane which will be limited to 40 people and will take place at 4PM Saturday.

The Jefferson Convention & Visitor Center is located at 305 East Austin Street in Jefferson, Texas.

Find out more information at the History Haunts and Legends Paranormal Conference Facebook page or call (903) 601-3375

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