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2020 has been a WILD year, to say the least. But it has been doubly mind blowing if you're into paranormal activity. This year, several high ranking government officials (the U.S. included) have admitted that aliens exist. Then, there's the new UFO Department at the Pentagon. Oh, and the Loch Ness monster pretty much got confirmed as really existing. It's been crazy.

That brings us up to date, I think. Well, except for the latest thing. Is a leaked UFO photo from the United States Department of Defense proof that aliens really do exist or is the Government messing with us?

Let me catch you up real quick, the Pentagon's Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force is a real thing that functioning. Allegedly a Navy Pilot photographed a UFO and it got sent to the UAPT to be analyzed. Those photos and the classified UAPT report leaked online. The Debrief did a report on the leak and classified report. Their sources confirmed that the photos are legit and were taken in 2018. Several people, both on and off the record, speculate on what could be seen in the photo. When the photo leaked online, the internet went WILD. Many believe this is an alien aircraft and proof that extraterrestrials are visiting Earth. Others...not so much. In fact, some internet detectives believe they have found EXACTLY what the item is. The theory from internet detectives is that the UFO is none other than a mylar Batman balloon (seen below):


Update: r/DavidEgrrr pointed me toward this Balloon. Created a 3D mesh with some deformation and proper position/lighting. The proportions are exact. from r/UFOs

However, without confirmation one way or the other from the Pentagon, speculation from all parties are running wild. Is it really an alien aircraft? Is it a Batman balloon? Who knows. Personally, as much as I believe aliens are real, of ALL the alien/UFO stories to come out this year, this seems like the least believable one. Either way, the Truth is out there and every day we get a little bit closer to finding out what it is.

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