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Okay, I'm not being sexiest or intentionally being offensive in any way, but I'm just tickled that for one time, it seems like Dad has come out on top when it comes to our kids.

Dad never wins so this is a big deal. Think about it. Dad spends countless hours teaching his young son to catch and throw a baseball. He shows him the finer arts to picking up the spin of a curve ball and just how to get his foot down to follow through and drive that baseball over the center field fence. Fast forward to that young man's first home run in the Major Leagues and as the camera zooms in on him, there he is mouthing "I Love You Mom."  Oh, it's the sucker punch of a lifetime. And nothing against Mom, it's just that should have been OUR moment.  But no, Mom gets the glory.

So, for a group of kids to point out that Dad does a better job of driving than Mom does is a score for the entire male gender.  We won one!

SWMSdigital reports that of the one thousand kids, between the ages of six and sixteen, recently surveyed, a whopping 43% declared Dad the better driver. He's the king of the steering wheel!  How 'bout them apples!

Only 29% said Mom did the better job and the remainder were evidently too afraid of Mom's wrath to declare Dad the winner so they called it a tie, claiming both parents to be equal drivers.

The kids also pointed out that Dad is less likely to get lost and he drives faster, but there were some negative thoughts regarding Dad's driving.

I'm thinking they were just regurgitating something they'd heard Mom say over and over and that Dad was more likely to have road rage than Mom.

Oh, and there was that one other thing. Though it's a tiny scratch on Dad's now swollen ego, it was a minor win in the "Mom" column.

Apparently they enjoy driving with their Mom more than with their Dad. The main reasons for that? The kids say she plays better music, plays more car games with them, and has fewer rules like "no yelling" and "no food."

So, if those results are accurate, then the reason they enjoy riding with Mom more is that they can eat french fries with chocolate shakes while screaming at the top of their lungs playing "I Spy" or "The Alphabet Game" while Luke Combs is blaring on the radio.

Guess that's fair. I'd enjoy riding with Mom too if I got to do all those things.

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