Good News: Louisiana Tech will be representing the Bayou State in the Hawaii Bowl!  Bad News:  The trip is too costly for a lot of Bulldog fans to make.  Fantastic News:  Scores of those fans are buying tickets and donating them to members of the U.S. military serving at bases in the 50th state who won't be coming home for Christmas! is reporting that hundreds of tickets to the December 22nd game have already been purchased, and the prices are pretty reasonable.  The plan is to have representatives from both teams hand out the donated tickets to active service members before the game. The hope is to fill Aloha Stadium with camouflage clad stand-in supporters when the Bulldogs take on the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors.  If we can do that, we all win before the game even starts!

You still have time to donate, and the seats are only $45 a pop!  It seems like a small price to pay to send one of our nation's finest to the game.  Purchase the special tickets at or by calling the ticket office at (318) 257-3631.

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