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In 2011, the Discovery Channel launched the realty series Sons of Guns.  The show centered on a Louisiana-based Red Jacket Firearms LLC.  The gun shop made, customized, and sold some of the most fantastic firearms to law enforcement, private collectors, and security firms.  Like all reality shows, the quirky and eccentric characters that worked there really drove the show.

Unfortunately for fans of the show, those "personalities" ultimately caused the show's demise.  The latest fall from grace is producer and cast member Kris Ford.  Ford (who's legal first name is Kristafor) was arrested on Wednesday for charge of domestic abuse battery after allegedly beating and choking his girlfriend so badly, she lost consciousness during the attack.

According to WBRZ, the 37-year old is accused of hitting the unnamed woman in the face multiple times - then choked her until she passed out Tuesday night around 11:15 pm.  Reportedly, the attack came after Ford's girlfriend "chastised" him for hanging out with someone of the opposite sex.  The ensuing argument devolved into the alleged brutal beating.

According to the woman, this attack is the second in less than a month.  Ford's girlfriend claimed he grabbed her by the neck, shaking her, hitting her, and spanking her on September 14th - and she had video proof to back it up.

After viewing the video, authorities went to Ford's job where he reportedly admitted to grabbing her "by the neck not to choke her but to spank her."  Kristofor Ford was arrested and booked into East Baton Rouge Prison on a charge of domestic abuse battery. His bond amount was $7,000.

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