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Most experts believe that later today, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards will make the announcement that Louisiana will move to Phase Three of the COVID recovery effort. We currently remain in Phase Two until September 11, where we have been since June of this year.

According to the Louisiana State Superintendent of Education, Cade Brumley, Phase Three would mean that school systems in lower transmission areas could start considering more in-person education due to larger class size allowances. “We have about 86 percent of systems right now that are in a hybrid model and so far we have had about 55 of our school systems out of roughly 70 that have had a first day of school,” says Brumley.

In a story first reported by the Louisiana Radio Network, Brumley reminds us that schools have been getting by so far, but it doesn’t work for every student.

“Three out of every four, about 75 percent of our kids, have a mobile device, whether that is a Chromebook or a laptop, plus an internet connection,” says Brumley.

When it comes to the likelihood that the mask mandate will continue, regardless of the phase that Louisiana is in, Brumley says that schools have done a great job so far. “This has not been an issue really at all and I think that is in part due to the education that has been provided community-wide about the importance of face coverings,” says Brumley.

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