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Does the clown being arrested in the picture above remind you of someone?  That's right - it's your ex!  With Valentine's Day right around the corner, have you decided what to get the person in your life that did you wrong?  Why on earth would I suggest that you get a gift for the person that possibly took money out of your wallet and hit on your sister?  Because one Louisiana police department has just the thing for your former flame.

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This Louisiana Police Department May Have the Perfect Gift for Your Ex This Valentine's Day

Thanks to a report from the Advocate, we now have the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your ex.  It's an entire experience provided by the Lake Arthur, Louisiana Police Department - and it includes: Free transportation, two attention-grabbing bracelets, a free overnight stay, photos, and a meal!  All you have to do to claim this for your ex-Valentine is snitch.

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Who Knew That The Lake Arthur, Louisiana Police Department Loved Valentine's Day So Much?

The offer was proudly announced on the department's official Facebook page on Tuesday with this post:

Northwest Louisiana Police Need to Follow Suit and Offer a Similar "Experience" for Exs in Shreveport

Personally, I think that we need this option in Shreveport.  That way, no one gets left out on the day of love - AKA Valentine's day.  Just think of the incredible experience you had with that "person." Don't they deserve a little something special on February 14th to remember you by?  I guarantee this will be a gift they'll never forget!

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