New legislation passed yesterday (April 11th) by the State Senate would require a sign  displayed in every public school in Louisiana with the words "In God We Trust" boldly emblazoned upon it.  According to Democratic Baton Rouge Senator Regina Barrow, the goal is to remind every student who sees the message of our patriotic past and help address the "moral decay" that is currently effecting our states schools.

Senate Bill 224 would require all public schools to display the national motto in a prominent place, where it will easily seen by all.  The measure, which passed in the senate  unanimously yesterday after receiving approval votes from 36 senators, is not expected to incur any material costs for schools.  Officials say that a simple paper sign would suffice, but it would ultimately be up to the individual school on the best way to comply with the new law as long as the message was clear.

The bill will now go to the House of Representatives for a vote, then on to Governor Edwards for a final signature before it officially becomes a law.

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