I can remember it like it was yesterday. I think I wanted to watch the Simpsons or something like that. Okay. So I can't remember EVERYTHING like it was yesterday. But, I do remember my brother saying "No! We're going to watch this movie! I've been waiting all week for this, and WE ARE GOING TO WATCH IT!" Then he put the movie in the VHS player. And punched me in the head. Maybe that's why some of the night is a little blurry.

The one thing I DO remember (and will never forget) is the guy in the movie with the pillow case over his head. Two slits cut in it for his eyes. And that heavy breathing that would give Darth Vader an inferiority complex. To this day, there are nights I wake up in a cold sweat, screaming like a five year old because of that movie. At least that's what the cops tell me when my neighbors call them, and they find me in the closet in the fetal position. If that night were today, I'm pretty sure my brother would be serving a prison sentence for the trauma he inflicted upon me by forcing me to sit through "The Town That Dreaded Sundown".



A TRUE STORY! And they never caught the killer! That means there's a chance he escaped Texarkana...came to Shreveport...had kids....and trained them to be (bah,bah, bah!) E-VIL!

I could have happened. And those devil spawn bred yet even more future serial killers of America...and maybe...just maybe, one of them went back to Texarkana to take over where Grandpa left off...

That's probably not the premise of the new movie...but, it could be, right? All I know is that "The Town That Dreaded Sundown" is back! And Ryan Murphy, one of the guys behind FX’s American Horror Story, is spearheadeding this project as producer, so the damn thing could be even more terrifying than than the original.

The redeux of the movie that contributed to some of my worst nightmares opens in theaters on October 16th. I'm going to need a bigger closet. And a lot of clean underwear.


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