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Celebrate Friday the 13th With Horror Theme Girls [GIFS]
It's Friday the 13th, which for a lot of people means spending the night watching horror movies for hours. To honor this fantastic celebration of scary movies, let's take some time to enjoy the women of these movies (and TV shows). Here's a collection of some of the best women of horror:
Megan Fox an…
He's Back
I can remember it like it was yesterday. I think I wanted to watch the Simpsons or something like that. Okay. So I can't remember EVERYTHING like it was yesterday. But, I do remember my brother saying "No! We're going to watch this movie...
Texas Chainsaw 3D
Leatherface is slicing people up in the latest "Texas Chainsaw" outing "Texas Chainsaw 3D," but we're crossing our fingers hottie Alexandra Daddario doesn't make the (literal) cut.