It's not every day you see a lime green puppy. In fact, this is the first time I have ever seen a lime green puppy. A North Carolina puppies photo is getting shared all over the internet. The puppy came out of its mother's womb looking like a highlighter was taken to it, yup it's a puppy with lime green fur.

His name? Hulk, of course. Shana Stamey's German Shepherd, Gypsy, birthed eight puppies last Friday in Canton, North Carolina. Stamey freaked out when she saw the 4th puppy come out with lime green fur. She claimed that it was a hungry and angry little fella.

Luckily Stamey found out that the lime green color is caused by the sack that the puppies are in when they’re in the womb. Meconium can form in the sack and that can stain them. Stamey was told by her vet that it will eventually fade out.

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