In the decade or so that I've been working at 99X, I've had the pleasure of watching some of the greatest guitar players on the planet work. I've been all up close and personal like with Mick Mars, Nita Strauss, Zakk Wylde and countless others. But, oddly enough, one of the best I've ever seen is from right here in our own back yard: Monte Pittman.

While Monte may not be a household name, there is probably a damn good chance you've heard his music before or seen him live. Most notably, Pittman has played with Prong, Madonna and Adam Lambert. On a more local level, you may remember Monte as the driving force behind local rock band Myra Mains (damn, I miss those guys!)

In support of Monte's new solo album 'Inverted Grasp of Balance', Pittman will be playing Strange Brew Saturday night! For 7 bucks, you're not going to see a better live show. Monte is one of our own, a hell of a talent, and puts on an amazing show.

If you want to see Monte live, you can get more details here. If you can't make it, well that sucks. But you can get guitar lessons from the man himself on his website.

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