Getting a job in the medical field is a smart move, but it's not for everyone.  If you have the patience, the stomach, and the love for people, it can be a very professionally, personally, and financially.  The LRN is reporting that the national shortage of paramedics is being felt in Louisiana in a big way.

The reason?  The job market in Louisiana is starting to boom.  That means companies in the Bayou state of all types are competing for quality employees.  The oil and gas industry has been on a hiring spree.  With training included for a lot of new hires, excellent pay and benefits - they offer a pretty compelling package.

Acadian Ambulance says they are short 30 paramedics, and desperately need to fill positions to take the strain off of the undermanned operation.  Repeat this situation all across our state, and the picture begins to clear.  To make the position more attractive, many ambulance companies are offering hefty signing bonuses - sometimes up to $15,000!  Couple this with the average starting yearly salary of $42,000, and you have the beginning of a fantastic career that will not only pay well - but will also give you the benefit of saving lives.  That's just cool.