You can't drive around Shreveport-Bossier without seeing help-wanted signs everywhere. You can't listen to the radio without hearing a recruitment commercial. We desperately need people to get back to work, employers are getting desperate. We have seen some of our favorite places scale back hours because they just can't find employees.

It's not just a serious issue in Louisiana, it's a nationwide issue that has influenced many governors to cut off federal unemployment payments. Meanwhile many Louisiana residents who own businesses were looking at Governor JBE hoping he'd put an end to the federal aid.

The question many are asking is simple, "Why would I go to work if I can make more sitting on my couch watching T.V.?". We have seen an increase in violence towards fast-food workers, so many horrid videos have gone viral with retail workers and fast-food workers being attacked by humans who have lost their ever-loving minds. So why would someone want to put up with that when you can make just as much if not more by staying at home?

In case you forgot Louisiana residents have seen an increase in their direct deposits when it comes to their unemployment benefits to the tune of an extra $300 in supplemental federal pandemic unemployment benefits.

Governor John Bel Edwards has finally agreed to turn off federal pandemic unemployment payments at the end of July. The day that many Louisianians swore would never come. Why did Governor Edwards finally agree to end the federal unemployment payments? According to WDSU 6,  Governor Edwards wants to see "a long-term, modest boost to the state’s jobless benefits.".

What happens when Governor Edwards takes away the extra $300? Is that enough to get Louisianians to go back to work? I guess we will find out on July 31st.

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