Fishing the summer away is a fantastic way to spend the hottest months of the year.  Whether you're fishing for food, sport, or an excuse to be on the water with a cooler full of refreshments - there's something for everyone.  If you plan on casting away the sweltering days and nights, here's a heads up: Louisiana hunting and fishing licenses expire at the end of the month.

There's no need to panic, it's an easy fix the next time you pick up your bait, bobbers, or whatever you need to keep fishing - but the state has made it even easier.  Thanks to a new registration and licensing system, you can get and renew your license online right here. Theoretically, if you had sufficient signal strength - you could take care of it while you're fishing.  FYI, if you are caught fishing without a license in Louisiana -  it could cost you between $50 and $500 in fines and / or jail time.

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