If you purchased a Powerball lottery ticket for last night's drawing at Kroger on South Beglis in Sulphur you need to check your ticket right now. You could be holding on to a $250,000 winner!

That's the good news. The bad news is that ticket doesn't belong to me. But there is still hope for those of us who didn't buy the lucky ticket in Sulphur.

The drawing on Wednesday, July 19 did not produce a big jackpot winner so the anticipated total of $187 million will now grow to an estimated $205 million by Saturday night's drawing. The one-time payout amount is estimated to be $127.6 million.

The numbers that were drawn last night (July 19, 2017) were:

50-51-59-61-63 PB 04

That's a pretty close spread, isn't it? Out of all of the possible combinations, the luck of the draw selected five numbers between 50 and 63. I can't wait to hear the conspiracy theories on this one.

Just because you didn't win the big jackpot or the $2 million or $1 million consolation prizes doesn't mean you didn't cash a ticket. There are 9 ways to win when you play Powerball so check your tickets.

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