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No matter what you might blame it on, tornadoes, hurricanes, lightning strikes, ice storms, flood waters, whatever the case, the numbers are in and they don't look good for us electric consumers in Louisiana.

The power goes out here. A LOT. In fact, according to the MRO Electric analysis concerning the electrical reliability data from the United States Energy Information Administration, there are only two states that have more power outages than we do in Louisiana.

MRO looked at the frequency and duration of power outages across the country and when it comes to time in the dark, Louisiana is near the top.

The study discovered that in Louisiana, there are, on average, 2.34 power outages per customer. Only Maine with 3.9 outages and West Virginia with 2.8 outages per year, are worse than Louisiana.

We're in the dark more than power customers in Alaska, who only have an average of 2.2 outages per year. For the record, the national average is 1.62 outages per year, so we have about 35% more outages than the average.

And just how long is the power out? According to the study, Louisiana power customers see approximately 6.23 hours of electrical downtime each year. So, when it goes down, it's about a full work day before it returns. And those 6 hours can be miserable in the heat of summer when you're trying to sleep.

The National Average for downtime is 5.15 hours so we're just under 21% longer in the dark than average.

Want to see the full report for us and all the other states? If you haven't lost power, just go HERE.

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