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In all likelihood, unless you are just that good, Tim Wells is a better shot with a bow than you are. He could lose one of his arms and both of his eyes and he would still be a better shot than me.

He demonstrates his archery prowess regularly on his Tim Wells Bow Hunter YouTube channel, and while I'm not too easy to impress, some of this guy's feats slinging a stick are nothing short of miraculous.

As hunters all across Northwest Louisiana are beginning to prepare for the upcoming Dove Season which will begin Labor Day weekend, on Saturday, September 4, most will grab their favorite shotgun and a couple boxes of #7 1/2 or #8 bird shot and take to the field with their skeet thrower to knock the dust off of their shooting skills.

Not Tim Wells. Here is a guy who takes to the dove field with a bow and arrow.

It's hard enough to hit a two hundred pound deer, standing still, only fifteen yards away, and yet Tim makes it look so easy to hit one of the fastest game birds on the planet, in mid flight, twenty five to forty yards off.

I will just about guarantee that as you watch some of these amazing shots, your mouth will continue to open wider and wider and at some point you'll have to remind yourself to suck up that slobber hanging from your bottom lip before it dribbles down on to your keyboard.

Just see if I'm wrong.

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