Without question, job numbers in our state are a top priority, and we're finally seeing some good signs.

The pandemic may seem like it's in our rearview mirror, and to an extent, it is. We've seen nearly all of our pandemic restrictions lifted, included our statewide mask mandate. Even though our lives can now officially get back to normal, there's still one pandemic problem that we can't seem to shake... Jobs.

The simple truth is that many Louisianians have been making enough money through unemployment to live comfortably and not return to work. Take a look around at how many companies and businesses are simply short-staffed. We've seen some of our favorite locally-owned businesses either close down or dramatically alter their hours due to having a small staff. The worst part has been the fact that these companies and businesses are actively looking for workers, but struggle to find many. I've even seen job fairs recently in Shreveport-Bossier where the turnout was less than ten people. LESS THAN TEN.

Luckily, we're finally starting to see our state's job numbers trend upwards, partly due to pandemic-related unemployment benefits dwindling by the day.

According to the Louisiana Workforce Commission, our state is up big from around this time last year. We're up over 127,000 jobs from this point last year, and that number will continue to grow.

New Orleans and Baton Rouge make up over half of those jobs gained year-to-year.



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