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If there's anything we can agree on as a society, it's probably that drugs can make you do some pretty stupid things.  Take Charles Ray Stevens of Iowa, Louisiana for example.  The 32-year old was arrested over the weekend and charged with criminal mischief because he asked for a ride.

Allow me to clarify.  According to KNOE, Stevens' fiance told police that he had spent a good portion of the day smoking marijuana laced with PCP.   While intoxicated, the Iowa resident allegedly called 911 4 times, refused to answer questions but did ask for a ride.  This prompted officers to pay the residents of the address associated with the incoming calls a visit.

When deputies from the Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff's Office showed up, Stevens' fiance told them because of the drug use he was hallucinating - which led him to call the authorities for a ride.

Charles did get that ride though.  Deputies placed him under arrest and gave him a ride directly to the jail.  According to WBRZ, it is unclear whether or not Mr. Stevens has an attorney.

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