Most of us can only assume the horror a parent would feel when their child is missing.  It has to be the lowest of lows.

Conversely, most of us would also never know the joy of seeing the little face of that child who had been missing and was finally located.

The parents of Austin Stillwell can certainly attest to both of those emotions!

Bossier Sheriff's Office
Bossier Sheriff's Office

Early yesterday we received notification from the Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office that nine year old Austin Stillwell was missing.

From that point forward, it was all hands on deck. All of our radio stations put the word out on our websites and on the air and it wasn't long before we received the news we were praying to hear.

Austin Was Found Before Noon And Was Unharmed

Austin had been found safe and sound by Bossier Parish Sheriff's Deputies and was being reunited with his family at the Hillside Mobile Home Park in Haughton, who were absolutely frantic.

Just watch the video of the tearful, joyous reunion shot by the Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office.

According to BPSO, around 7:00 am on Thursday, April 28, Austin was with his mother at his bus stop, preparing to head to school, when she said he ran away from her.

After multiple attempts at locating him, she called Bossier Sheriff deputies and they immediately began their search for the missing child.

Deputies Say He Was Under Some Type of Little Fort

Deputies located Austin just before 11:30 am in a wooded area near his home. They lead him to his mother and other family members for a very happy reunion.

Austin was checked out by paramedics who determined he was well from the morning’s ordeal.

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