It was just a matter of time before corporate America joined forces with local authorities in order to pursue criminal charges against those food stamp recipients that took full advantage of the EBT glitch that occurred last week.

According to reports, the Many Police Department in Louisiana is currently reviewing Wal-Mart security footage from the night of October 12 in an attempt to capture images of people involved with using cards that were not showing limits. They intend to post their faces online – labeling them as thieves.

The Many Police Department recently posted this status on their Facebook page: "The MPD is still very active in the investigation of thefts that took place on Saturday October 12th at Wal-Mart involving losses because of malfunctioning EBT Card transactions and other thefts where customers simply left the store without paying for items."

Police say that when they were called out to the scene the night of October 12, they found that some recipients of SNAP cards had discovered there was a glitch in the system and used it as an opportunity to stock up on food items, free of charge. Regardless of the thefts being the result of system error or not, stealing is illegal and anyone caught could face charges.

Officials say they could have the photos of all the thieving culprits on their websites by Thursday. However, authorities admit that it will be difficult to prosecute in this matter because it will be extremely difficult to prove intent to defraud.

So, if you recently ripped off a Wal-Mart because you thought a glitch in the system gave you a free license to steal, you might want to check the Many Police Department website by clicking here just to see if you got busted.

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