There is a recent article in USA Today that ranked to top 30 NFL football stadiums across the country.  And I have to take issue with a few of their rankings. One, and anyone who knows me will be surprised by this, but how do you rank Texas' AT&T Stadium #7?

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But one of the biggest surprises to me is that they ranked the Caesar's Superdome at 27 out of 30.  According to Andrew Joseph in USA Today:


The Superdome was an architectural marvel when it first opened, but that was almost 50 years ago. It’s a dump now and no amount of renovation can make it nice (though they are trying). On the other hand, it has one of the best game-day atmospheres in the league, and the walkable location in the French Quarter makes for a fun experience. But man, the stadium is so bad. I can’t emphasize that enough.


I couldn't disagree more... The Superdome is a Grand Ol' Lady... Constuction started in 1971, with the Grand Opening and unveiling in 1975.  So she's been around a long time... And we all remember the devastation Hurricane Katrina wrought on New Orleans and the Superdome.  During Katrina the 'Dome was home to thousands who were left homeless seeking shelter due to the massive flooding and damage from the storm. The roof was damaged and water was leaking from the roof into the floor/field area.

But, of course, major renovations took place after Katrina, not only repairing the storm damage, but updating the facility and bringing it up to date. And in 2019, phase one was approved for a $450 million dollar renovation project that includes atriums that will replace the ramp system, improved concourses, and field-level end zone boxes.

So, yes Andrew, The Caesars Superdome might be older than a lot of places.. but she is NOT a dump.

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