Teachers have a very important job, and most of them do it because they love it.  One Louisiana teacher isn't stopping at providing a quality education, she's literally giving a piece of herself to a student - one of her kidneys.  

Heather Mallet teaches science at F.K. White Middle School in Lake Charles.  Last year, Hayden Diaz moved to her school.  Less than 6 months later, his kidneys began to fail.  Doctors would tell his family that the middle school student's kidney was only functioning at around 10%.  That means that the 12-year-old has to hooked up to a dialysis machine for approximately 13 hours every night, or the toxins in his blood will poison his body.

According to KLPC, Heather wanted to donate her kidney to a friend who was suffering with diabetes in 2016.  He told her to donate it to a child instead, and a a few months later he passed away.  Next month, she will be able to honor her friends wish and provide a new lease on life 12 year old Hayden when the transplant surgery is set to take place.

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