Now, this is what we call a sh-t job! A Louisiana Walmart employee, who was recently hurt at work and put on light duty, says he was forced to spend a shift hanging out in the bathroom.

In a recent video captured by a family member, 59-year-old Roger Digilormo, who has worked at the Bossier City Walmart for the past 11 years, says that after being placed under a doctor’s supervision due to an injury sustained on the job, his supervisor assigned him to monitor the odorous activity in the bathroom. He believes it is the store’s way of punishing him.

"Yesterday, I was sitting outside in the Garden Center, and I wouldn't go outside and sit in the sun, because I'm on a lot of medication. I got hurt here and I'm disabled and they got mad, and so they told me I had to go sit in the bathroom all day. And I tried to tell them there's no air in there. There's no air in here. It smells bad. But they told me, I got sick yesterday and went home and they told me, ‘When you come back tomorrow, you'll be in the bathroom.' That's what the manager told me,” says Digilormo in the video.

However, Walmart spokesperson Katie Codie recently told KSLA that Digilormo was put there to keep the bathroom clean. "He was asked to move from restroom to restroom to monitor and make sure they were tidy, because that is an area of customer service that can always been improved.” Yet, she admits that Walmart does not employee the use of bathroom attendants.

Roger’s brother, Carl Digilormo, says that his brother is sick from being cooped up in the bathroom all day. "He's sick from sitting in the restroom having to smell feces and urine all day…It's unreal to me,” he said.

Reports indicate that Roger Digilormo still intends to show up for his next shift.

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