Yesterday, Arkansas legislators overwhelmingly voted to ban the forced implantation of a micro-chips in the state.  The state's House of Representatives voted 84-4 against allowing any employer in the state to require the implantation of the device as a condition of employment.

The sub-dermal chip would theoretically allow workers to clock-in, open doors, access terminals, buy snacks from the vending machine, etc. with the wave of their hand.  It could also be used to track workers movements through the office giving managers the ability to see how much time their employees spend on work, and how much time they spend slacking off in the break room.

The bill now heads to the State Senate for a vote there before it comes a law.  KATV reports that it would currently allow businesses to implant their workers with if both parties agree in writing and the employer covers all costs, including the possible removal of the chip if necessary.

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