This Louisiana woman decided it was time to leave her job at Walmart, and quit using the store's PA system.

I'm sure if you've spent enough time inside a Shreveport-Bossier Walmart, you've heard a few memorable things on the store's PA system. I've heard a guy burp directly into one, echoing all around the store. I've heard a husband yell into it, asking for his wife to meet him in the check-out section.

I've heard a nice handful of unexpected things while shopping inside Walmart, but I've never heard anything quite like this.

Beth McGrath made sure everyone shopping inside of the Carencro Walmart heard something they could have never possibly imagined. She decided to leave her job at Walmart after nearly five years, but wanted to get her point across in a unique way before she left the store and turned in her vest.

She grabbed the phone wired to the store's PA system and absolutely went off. She used the moment on the PA system to not only quit her job, but also stick up for some of the elderly workers who she felt had been mistreated by management. She laid into management hard during her passionate resignation speech. She called the store's manager a pervert, and also said, "Shame on y'all for treating your associates the way you do. I hope you don't speak to your families the way you speak to us."

Before hangin up the phone, she spoke highly of several associates at the store, saying that Walmart doesn't deserve them.

So far, video of the incident has gone viral, garnering hundreds of thousands of views, with seemingly endless support for McGrath after speaking her mind for the store (and the world) to hear.

You can find the video below, as well as a follow-up video where she thanks everyone for showing support.



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