The Louisiana Legislature's 2017 regular session opened yesterday in Baton Rouge with Governor Bel Edwards urging Democrats and Republicans to work together to fix the state's well-documented budget woes.

As a Democratic governor in a predominantly Republican state, that's like being a man swimming alone amidst a sea of sharks saying, "Please, don't eat me."  But, something has to be done.  Our roads are crumbling, our schools are failing--our infrastructure is breaking down.

One solution may be to axe Louisiana's film tax credits program.  LSU economist Dr. Loren Scott has released a third study that shows how much it is costing the state. According to the study, the program's price tag is about $220 million per year, and has a return on investment of only 22%.

But here's the rub--the program creates somewhere around 14,000 jobs in Louisiana; so, dumping the plan would cause hardship for a number of our citizens.

Even though the film tax credits program was cut back significantly in 2015, it still subsidizes about 30% to 35% of the cost of making a film, according to Scott's study. And with just a 22% ROI for the state, it's a great deal for filmmakers, but maybe not so much for Louisiana.


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