It was extreme makeover reveal day yesterday for LSU football.

The school unveiled the long-awaited renovations to its Football Operations Building on Sunday and boy was it impressive!

The new locker room is complete with beds for each player, giving an individual sleep space so players can rest after a game, between practices and classes, or any other time for that matter.

The chairs can be placed in a seated or lounge position. They're each complete with iPad mounts to study film along with a charging station.

LSU's director of equipment Greg Stringfellow says the $28 million renovation was based around the athletes and the athlete's functioning in mind.

In addition to this extreme locker room makeover, the rest of the facilities got updated too, including the dining area.

The renovation to the building added nearly 25,000 square feet to the space.

LSU football opens its 2019 season against Georgia Southern on August 31.

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