Saturday afternoon in Atlanta Georgia there will be tens of thousands of screaming college football fans rooting for their team to be crowned football champions of the Southeastern Conference. Fans from both LSU and Georgia will be there in person for the game, but at what cost?

Let's just say most of us will be quite happy to watch the game as it unfolds on television. Since the latest reports from ticket resale outlets suggest that what I make and what you make is probably not enough for us to afford a trip to Atlanta, an overnight stay, a Chik Fil A sandwich, a coke (It is Atlanta, right?) and tickets to the game.

Aftermarket ticket brokers are reporting that some seats for this Saturday's game are going for an average price of $567.00. That's the average price. On Stub Hub I found some premium seats for the game going for a little over $1,000 each. I won't be buying those either.

A spokesperson for Stub Hub spoke with the Louisiana Radio Network and disclosed that tickets have been purchased from 47 states with slightly over half of the tickets purchased within the state of Georgia. Only 7% of tickets sold have been purchased from addresses in Louisiana. So, there might be more "silver britches" fans in the stands than real football fans in purple and gold.

Las Vegas has made the LSU Tigers about a touchdown favorite to defeat the Bulldogs in Saturday's game. The winner will most certainly advance to the College Football Playoffs. Currently, LSU is ranked number two in the CFP rankings, Georgia is ranked #4. Kickoff for Saturday's game is 3 pm in Atlanta.

The game will be televised on CBS which means with the extended TV timeouts the game should be over shortly before midnight. I hate what CBS does to college football, don't you?


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