Louisiana lottery players continued to flex their "luck muscles" in Wednesday night's Powerball game. While no ticket sold for the multi-state lottery game matched all the numbers needed to claim the game's top prize a ticket sold in Louisiana is worth $50,000 this morning.

Powerball officials estimated that the jackpot for the Wednesday, April 14th drawing would be $67 million dollars. Since there was no jackpot winner the drawing for Saturday night will likely be for $79 million.

Let's take a look at those numbers so you can check your ticket. According to the Powerball website the winning numbers drawn for April 14th, 2021 were:

13   30   33   45   61   PB 14   Powerplay x2

The Louisiana Lottery's Jackpots and Winning Numbers page on their website shows that the $50,000 winner was sold in Gramercy. The ticket was purchased at Taylor's Express on Highway 3125. The ticket matched four of the five white-ball numbers and the Powerball. According to the rules of the game, that ticket is worth $50,000.

Now, if that $50,000 winning ticket doesn't belong to you don't be dismayed. There were over a dozen tickets sold for last night's game that are worth at least $100. Three tickets sold for last night's drawing are valued at $200 bucks. So, it's worth checking your tickets.

And if you didn't recoup the cost of your Powerball ticket in last night's drawing, don't you worry, there is always the Dollar Menu. Oh, but there are a couple of items you can't get anymore. Do you remember any of these?

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