A New Hampshire man was arrested after he shoved a woman into a snow pile.

The incident surrounded an apparent case of road rage, but Ricardo Montanez insists he was acting in self-defense.

Police had a different definition for his behavior.

Upon initial investigation, it was determined that a minor accident occurred after a brief road rage incident involving the two vehicles at the scene. Officers spoke to all parties involved and to witnesses. A witness was able to record the altercation between the two drivers and showed the video to the investigating officer.

According to the woman who was pushed, Montanez intentionally backed his car into hers and when she approached him to tell him not to leave the scene he shoved her into the snow.

Montanez says that she was the one blaring her horn and rear-ended his vehicle.

She had her hand on the horn, the horn was just blaring. She drove into my vehicle. At that point – she was crazy – so I turn around and I get back into my vehicle. Now she’s getting out of the vehicle coming to my door, punching my window and opening my door. What was I supposed to do? I mean, I didn’t know if she was going to hit me, smack me or what.

Montanez feels they were both wrong but didn't apologize for his actions.

Now he faces up to a year in jail if convicted.

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