Like most 9-year-old boys in our area, Trip Payn, likes to fish! However, I don't know if Trip will ever top the fishing story he just made for himself at a very young age. Thankfully, he's got video evidence to prove his claims.

I've known Trip his entire life. In fact, much to his mom's dismay, I was the first one to introduce him to the joys of ketchup! Either way, I digress.

I probably shouldn't have said that Trip 'netted' this big fish. In fact, he didn't even use a lure. Trip and a friend headed to the pond during a dry spell in between some of our recent storms and ended up getting a big surprise. This youngster didn't even need a fishing pole to reel in a 6lb bass! Take that Gary McCoy!

So, how did Trip bag the big fish? The monster ended up getting snared on Trip's stringer with a bream the boys had already caught. How's that for a fishing story! Way to geaux Trip!

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