Well...me, Gonzo, my old lady and the rest of our crew somehow managed to survive Mayhem. It was 103 degrees in the middle of a parking lot in Dallas and the Gexa security guards were pretty much the BIGGEST dopes/dicks in the world. I'm sun burnt, deaf, and smell like Lindsey Lohan's vagina after a 3 day drinking binge...but all in all, it was one HELL of a day. Check out some photos from our misadventure below. I'm sure we'll have more to post later on, but I have yet to find my pants and camera.

BTW, the line up this year was phenomenal! It looked a little weak on paper, but in person it was AWESOME! Korn, Body Count, THC, Islander, Miss May I, Cannibal Corpse, Asking Alexandria all killed.

The only change I would have made was with the headliners. Korn should have been at the top of the bill playing the big set. Even with all the pyro and special effects, Korn's set DESTROYED Avenged Sevenfold.


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