Before the bell rings Saturday night, let's find out who the Ark-La-Tex thinks will win!

It's finally here... Two of the most prolific fighters in combat sports history face off tomorrow night in Las Vegas, and the entire world will be watching. Of course, this is a boxing match which immediately favors the boxer. Take into account that the boxer here is Floyd Mayweather Jr, who has a pro record of 49-0, and it makes him the easy favorite.

On the other hand, you have the most talked about fighter in UFC history. His meteoric rise is unlike anything we've ever seen, having fought only 10 fights under the UFC banner, and absolutely zero title defenses. That speaks to the magnitude at everything that is Conor Freakin' McGregor. At the age of 29, he finds himself in a position most men can only dream of, just five years after living on Welfare in Ireland.

We've never seen anything like Conor McGregor, so take it all in.

Floyd Mayweather is arguably the greatest defensive boxer of all time. Simply put, he knows how to win, and will out-score you every time it goes to decision based on how strategic he boxes.

Currently McGregor has three losses in professional MMA. All three came via submission, and the first two came very early in his young career.

I think this is a toss-up. If it goes the distance, there's simply no way Conor McGregor will win. Floyd will out-point him like he's done so many other fighters. On the other hand, if Conor can catch Floyd early on, well he could very well pull of the greatest upset in the history of sports.

So who is the Ark-La-Tex picking in the most-talked about fight of the century?

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