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Have you ever heard of someone taking paid menstrual leave? As a woman, I was shocked to find out that this is a 'thing!'

Menstrual leave is described by FairyGodBoss.com as a paid or unpaid absence due to a woman's inability to go to work because of painful menstruation.

Heads up, because I'm fixing to really tick off a lot of women. Maybe I think menstrual leave is over the top because I've never experienced a painful period. However, I do know menstrual pain exists. The American Academy of Family Physicians says that menstrual pain aka Dysmenorrhea is very common, and it may be severe enough to interfere with daily activities in up to 20% of women.

Close up on woman holding white cotton tampon in hand. Woman period

Here's what I don't understand... Why can't you just call in sick? Is it really necessary to tell your boss that you're having your period? Maybe I'm showing my age, but my modesty would never allow for that to happen. I asked my own boss about this and he said it would make him incredibly uncomfortable as well. Then you get into the other issues... Is it fair to your male counterparts? Why should some women get time out once a month when others don't need it? And what about women who have already undergone menopause? Nope, I'm not a fan. No one needs to know about my lady bits but me and my OB/GYN.

mad woman trying to open a can using a knife

While I understand that some women get a little 'edgy' during that time of the month, the worst thing I've ever done is eat an entire pizza by myself or binged on Peanut M&M's. Maybe I'm lucky, but that's about the only thing that happens to me when I'm riding the Crimson Tide. I'm ALL for supporting my sisters, but maybe just with a couple of Midol and a cheeseburger. I'm really not trying to be insensitive, but no one else needs to know your business.

Beautiful young lady eating a tasty burger at an outdoor cafe. Horizontal Shot.

I also asked several of my male co-workers how they would feel about me and other women in our office getting out of work because it was Shark Week and they were actually all for it. Apparently, some women can get pretty scary during that time.

Just in case you were wondering, women in Japan, India, some Provinces of China, Indonesia, South Korea, Taiwan, and Zambia can all take menstrual leave. No Western countries offer paid menstrual leave... yet. However, some companies offer it as a benefit.

PMS Concept on Old Typewriter's Keys.

Finally, I think it's probably illegal to ask a woman if and when she has her period during the hiring process... not that it would matter because we all sync up anyways. Can we just all agree to take a sick day with Aunt Flo is being especially brutal?

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