I love love. In fact, I love love so much that I became a wedding DJ. Just about every single of my weekends are spent meeting with brides or going to weddings. I don't mind, I am basically invited to the best party in town.

I love being a part of the big day. From seeing the groom lose it when his bride walks down the aisle to tearing up when the bride dances with her dad on the dance floor. I have witnessed so many weddings go right and be a huge success. However, I have also seen a lot of weddings go wrong.

Weddings are meant to be fun, and I am all about bringing life to the party sometimes I find myself playing interference and trying to save a bride from having a meltdown.

I decided to compile a list of mistakes brides make that end up costing the bride and hopefully this helps you if you're planning a wedding.

Not hiring a wedding coordinator.

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"Why isn't the wedding cake here yet?" "What time does the caterer set up?" Who is cutting the cake?" Your photographer and DJ shouldn't have to step in to be your wedding coordinator, it takes them away from what you originally hired them to do. There are so many moving parts the day of, It is so important to hire a coordinator to make sure everything is seamless, you don't want to make decisions or put out fires on your big day. You need to show up and have a good time, let your coordinator handle it all.

Hiring the cheapest option you can find.

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I think this kind of goes for everyone you hire, cheap doesn't mean great most of the time. Just because a company has been in business for several years doesn't mean they're the best. Research that company, meet with them in person, ask to talk to some of her previous brides.

Didn't have a list of photos you wanted.

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Always request specific photos from your photographer. It doesn't matter how amazing your photographer is, they aren't mindreaders. Is there a certain pose you want with the groom? Tell the photographer. If your sorority sisters are going to be there make sure you get a group photo. If your childhood friends are all there and you want a picture with them, ask for those, trust me you'll forget the day of.

Didn't try on the dress after it got back from the tailor.

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I once witnessed a bride send out multiple bridesmaids to find bigger heels hours before the ceremony started because her dress was longer than she remembered and she didn't want to trip down the aisle. Always try the dress on when you go pick it up from the tailor. Also, it's good to make sure the dress is fully steamed no one wants a wrinkly mess.

Changing plans the day of the wedding.

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If you had a plan, stick to it. From your bridal makeup day-of to the songs you picked out for the first dance. There is so much room for error, 9 times out of 10 it ends in disappointment. The song was too fast for the first dance, the makeup was too dark and didn't look near as good as it did for your bridals. Stick to the plan, it eliminates unnecessary stress.

Got too drunk.

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Okay, this one is kind of funny, however, I have had to put off first dances and found unique ways to keep a crowd entertained because the bride was too drunk to stand on her own. Yes, your moves look great, but, we haven't even gotten through the first dance and you're wanting booty-shaking music? Slow down, sister! Between mimosas while getting ready with the bridesmaids and not eating this poor bride was spinning at the altar. Slow down on the booze while you get ready and lean into the liquor once all the photos are done.

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