Looking to spice up your sex life? Want to try out some new moves? Need a little something different? Then you might want to search the internet for a new sex position or two...or 64.

Turns out you aren't the only one. A recent study from AskMen compiled Google search data to see, not only what the most searched sex position by state, but also what state searched the most about sex stuff.

Here are some of their findings:

· Although it's not technically a state, the District of Columbia comes in "friskiest" with an incredible 18.7 searches per 1,000 inhabitants. That’s more than 4X the national average. Wyoming and Vermont close out the top 3. And who finished last? Ohio!


· Favorite Position by State: "Doggy Style" gets the most search queries throughout the U.S. However, if we go on a state level, "Woman On Top" comes in first in 51% of the states.

In our fair state of Louisiana, where there were 3.4 sex positions search queries per 1,000 residents, the most-searched sex positions are:
· Woman on top
· Doggy style
· Missionary
· 69
· Facesitting

Make of that what you will...

But, just in case you didn't want to just blindly search for new ways to bend your body around your partner, here, also from AskMen.com, is an illustrated guide to 64 different sex positions. Print it out and keep it in your nightstand. Just be advised, some of these may require some stretching.

Of your arms and legs, you pervert.

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