The loudest and hardest working rock band on the planet, Motorhead, are back at it preparing a new album and figuring out what they're going to do for their 40th Anniversary in 2015.

Lemmy and the boys are getting ready to hit the studio to start work on their 21st album, the follow up to 2010's 'The World Is Yours'.

"We're gonna start in the New Year, go into the studio in January. We'll go into the rehearsal room about a month before the album and just band stuff out," Lemmy told Billboard.

"We're not killing ourselves. We don't get into the studio and say, 'Let's write a hit single!' We've never been one of those bands. We really don't care if everybody likes it; if people like it, to us it's a bonus."

Also, preparations for Motorhead's 40th Anniversary Bash (and their ain't no party like a Motorhead party!). "We'll think of something; we always do - probably involving naked women."

Until then, try to get your grubby little hands on (read as smuggle) a case or two of Motorhead's Bastard Lager which is the perfect beverage for any sort of hell raising you want to do.

What would you like to see Motorhead do for their 40th? (Other than play the Municipal)

If you've never seen Motorhead live, here is a little taste of what you can expect: