Skid Row's 'Slave to the Grind' Celebrates 25th Anniversary
Today is a big anniversary for an album that rocked all of us 80's hair band-lovers.
Skid Row's 'Slave to the Grind' was released June 11, 1991, making it 25 years old. Does that make YOU feel old? I remember the album well, from the super-fast, high-energy guitar and drum riffs in the title song, to…
Linkin Park
October 24th marks the 50th Anniversary of Guitar Center, and to celebrate Linkin Park is taking over the Wiltern in Los Angeles for an intimate concert.
Like to go? Hell yes, you would! You can enter to win an exclusive VIP package complete with a trip for two to see Linkin Park at the Wiltern, a gu…
KISS Anniversary
Hard to believe that's it's been 40 years since the music and merchandising juggernaut we know as KISS dropped their first album on a n unsuspecting public.  To many KISS fans, this album is still THE KISS album, as most of the songs on it are still mainstays of their live show today.…
Motorhead's 5 Year Plan
The loudest and hardest working rock band on the planet, Motorhead, are back at it preparing a new album and figuring out what they're going to do for their 40th Anniversary in 2015.
Mötley Crüe Celebrates 31 Years of Madness [VIDEO & PICS]
"Motley Crue was born 31 years ago today here in Los Angeles California...Least likely to succeed and counted out by many,still to this day even..Naysayers aside,I have one question for you..."Have you enjoyed our mad adventure?" - Nikki Sixx via his Facebook page...
It’s Damn You Auto Correct’s One Year Anniversary!
Damn You Auto Correct just feels like it's been around FOREVER, but in reality it's only been around for one year. To celebrate their big anniversary, they created a Top 25 list of the best auto correct fails of the past year. Enjoy!

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