Maggots of the world rejoice! Although, Slipknot has no plans to record a new album anytime soon, the band will release a 10th anniversary edition of  Iowa on November 1, 2011

Iowa was a huge statement for Slipknot, not only as a band, but as a new force in the music industry that is still being infiltrated by poppy fluff. Slipknot is on of the bands in my opinion that helped bring a new audience to metal and brought it closer to the mainstream.

The official track listings are as follows:

Disc 1: Iowa

  1. (515)
  2. People = Shit
  3. Disasterpiece
  4. My Plague
  5. Everything Ends
  6. The Heretic Anthem
  7. Gently
  8. Left Behind
  9. The Shape
  10. I Am Hated
  11. Skin Ticket
  12. New Abortion
  13. Metabolic
  14. Iowa
  15. My Plague (New Abuse Mix)

Disc 2: Disasterpieces - Live In London 2002

  1. (515)
  2. People = Shit
  3. Liberate
  4. Left Behind
  5. Eeyore
  6. Disasterpiece
  7. Purity
  8. Gently
  9. Eyeless
  10. Drum Solo
  11. My Plague
  12. New Abortion
  13. The Heretic Anthem
  14. Spit It Out
  15. Wait And Bleed
  16. 742617000027
  17. (sic)
  18. Surfacing

Disc 3: Goat (DVD)

Hour long film capturing the insanity of Iowa – directed by M. Shawn Crahan.

Music Videos:
  1. My Plague
  2. Left Behind
  3. The Heretic Anthem (Live)
  4. People = Shit (Live)

In other Slipknot news, the band is bringing 4 tracks spanning their career to the Rock Band video game. Fans can download and play along to "Wait and Bleed", "Left Behind", "Pulse of the Maggots" and "Snuff" in Rock Band 3, available on September 27th, 2011.