"Motley Crue was born 31 years ago today here in Los Angeles California...Least likely to succeed and counted out by many,still to this day even..Naysayers aside,I have one question for you..."Have you enjoyed our mad adventure?" - Nikki Sixx via his Facebook page.

On January 17th 1980, the baddest band in the history of rock and roll was born. Today marks the day Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee came together in a moment a drunken, strung out bliss to create the rhythm section of the most infamous band in all the land.

Within a year, they added Mick Mars (who was hired solely on newspaper ad which said "a Loud, rude, and aggressive guitar player looking to make smash mouth rock and roll") and singer Vince Neil from rival band Rock Candy, and were selling out bars, local theaters and were their demo at such an alarming rate that they set the record companies on their heels.

By 1984, Mötley Crüe were the most successful rock band in the world, selling out arenas and consuming more drugs, alcohol, and women than any human should be allowed to. They toured with Ozzy, rocked (and were arrested in almost) every country in the world, and became what nobody ever predicted they would, a success.

Sure, there were some bumps in the road. Vince killed a guy in a drunken car accident. Nikki killed himself with heroin. Tommy went to prison. And Mick deteriorated to a state of disrepair. By all sensible logic, all of them should be dead or locked up for life. But the band persevered all of its trials and tribulations and came out on the other side, for all intensive purposes, unscathed.














The band is preparing for the first ever rock residency in Vegas next month. Plus, there are rumors of a new album and tour with Kiss even though Vince said he may hang up his party shoes after the Vegas run. No matter what the future holds for the Crüe, they were, are, and always will be the baddest motherf**kers on the planet!











Now, here some of our favorite Mötley Crüe songs: