Hard to believe that's it's been 40 years since the music and merchandising juggernaut we know as KISS dropped their first album on a n unsuspecting public.  To many KISS fans, this album is still THE KISS album, as most of the songs on it are still mainstays of their live show today.

Strangely enough, as crazed as they are about merchandising the KISS name, Gene Simmons and the boys have yet to announce any big plans to remaster/remix a 40th Anniversary edition with the requisite additional tracks, stickers, photos, live cuts, DVDs, etc.

If you own a copy of the album, you might notice a couple of things:

1) The first copies DID NOT have the song "Kissin' Time" included.  It was added to the album on later pressings.

2) In the credits, you'll see, "Where's Drago?"  Who is Drago?  And where was he?  Find out the answer in Three Sides Of The Coin's (the unofficial and unsanctioned KISS talk show) interview with Allen Tucker - the notorious Drago himself - who worked on the album with the band at Bell Studio.  For a KISS fan, it's a "must listen":

And check out this great fan produced video for the first album: